Wellstance concept

Record movements, mentally and muscularly, a position and an attitude

Wellstance is a unique combination of all these fundamentals. It has been designed along the same lines of thought as the Welling-putt : graphically register the mental image of body movements, soak up repeated attitudes on a coaching aid perfectly calibrated for the exercise, a training tool whose unique aim is to make you mentally and muscularly enregister movements, a position and an attitude. Woods, irons, hybrids, on the Wellstance, everything is there and all gets memorized ….durably, whether you be left or right-handed.

A good posture … means a good swing !

Having a good swing is firstly:

  • Knowing where to place the ball

  • Knowing how to place your feet with reference to the club

  • Knowing how to line up both shoulders perpendicular to the ball

  • Knowing how to let yourself go (sorry!)