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RIGHT HANDED VERSION.  Unique, limited "Women's Special Edition".
The Wellstroke is a motion putting guide mat that will enable you to reproduce the ideal gesture in putting. Tested and approved by Cameron McCormick, this simple but precise tool based on three different components to putt successfully: the ball contact, the aim and the speed control.

You will:

  • Work your ball contact to get a perfect ball roll
  • Learn how to control the orientation of your putter face throughout the stroke
  • Fix in memory the amplitude range corresponding to your own intensity 

It provides visual support, helping players to clearly identify technical errors and then correcting them. It also encourages visual memory. Combining visual and muscle markers, the trainings will be recorded and stored unconsciously in your mind. Finally, all of this will make you naturally competent, making your movements more automatic.

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  • Tee Gate
    Holes have been punched in the mat to place tees that will serve as exit doors and will allow you to identify possible errors. For example, if your ball has a tendency to hit the tee placed above the direction line, this means that either your putter face isn’t square when it hits the ball or/and that the putter path goes too far from the inside to the outside.
  • Amplitude and Rhythm
    5 amplitude markers for the backswing and 5 for the finish. For a long distance putt, you can use these markers in different ways and according to your preferences. If you want to develop and even amplitude from the backswing to the finish, for a 10 foot putt for example, you can use the marker 2 for the backswing and finish. Your swing will be perfectly balanced and rhythmical.
  • Roll Square
    To obtain a perfect ball roll, the ball should roll on itself, without any lateral effects so that it can follow the direction line perfectly, at the right speed.
  • The Lie Angle
    The lie angle is really important. Depending on its angle, the Wellstroke arc needed will be more or less pronounced. For example, for a putter which has a more horizontal, flatter lie angle, the putter arc will be more rounded.
  • The Arc and Face
    The putter face must be square, in a perfect pendulum, inside the arc, for a perfect ball roll.

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